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Decorated Model Rich wooden engraving on the back and front, Celluloid decoration, Available in Single & Double Gourd. Professional Tone.
High Quality Dilruba made out of Selected Tun Wood. Wood Carving on the back. Professional Quality Tone. Can also be made with Guitar Machine Heads on the Tarabs instead of Ebony Pegs.
PRICE: $ 485 (Inclusive of shipping charges)
Dilruba Tunning Chart

Dilruba can be tuned at Concert C, or as high as High E. The string gauges depend on the pitch selected.
The diagram and string gauges are for C to D tuning. A higher pitch requires lighter strings
Accessories --Dilruba
sitar Fibre case Sitar Sitar
Dilruba sympathetic tunning tool
3.5" x 1"
Model #1
Dilruba sympathetic tool
2.5" x 2"
Model #2
Dilruba Model #3