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Harmonium-Portable Mini Model
2.1/2 octave Small size Portable Harmonium. Regular size keys, double bellows, Bass-Male reeds, One extra drone, Brass four knobs. Light weight. Easy to carry. Full sound. Collapsible Model. Coupler Optional
PRICE: $500 (Inclusive of shipping charges)
Same model in cherry colour.
Harmonium-Portable Student Model
TEAK WOOD: 9 stops,
3.1/2 Octaves, Multifold bellows,
4 extra notes, Super Fine Finish.
SM- Professional Bass-Male Reeds.
Exceptionally Finished.
Made out of Finest Quality Selected Seasoned Teak Wood.
Only Limited Production.
PRICE: $485 (Inclusive of shipping charges)

Rear View

Rear View

Reed board made of selected pine wood

Rear Bellows

Side keyboard view with open glass

Cabinet made of selected teak wood
Interior top quality pine wood
Harmonium Model.SMP-08
Portable Regular: 9 Stops, 4 Extra Notes, Multifold bellows, 3.1/2 Octaves, Bass-Male Special Reeds. Light Weight. Highly sensitive reeds.
PRICE: $525 (Inclusive of shipping charges)
Harmonium-Portable Professional Model
9 Stops,
Multifold Side Bellows,
3.1/2 Octaves (42 keys),
Soft touch bellows with long sustain. Bass-Male Reeds, Organ Tone, Tuned to A-440.
Coupler Optional.
Light Weight Model.
Soft Touch Keys. (10.3/4 Kgs Actual Weight.) Numbered Locks can be fitted on Special request
PRICE: $550 (Inclusive of shipping charges)

Side view of keyboard

multifold touch side bellows

Rear view


Keyboard and front panel

Perfectly shaped springs

Harmonium collapsed in Cabinet

Harmonium Cover