Making of a Sitar

Gourds ready to be cut

Gourds drying in the rooftop Tun wood cut and ready Preparing wood for the neck Bamboo nails used to hold the parts together! Checking the fit
Smoothing the tabli (face) Tabli almost ready to go Structure of the gourd and neck joint The main parts before assembly Fitting the tabli to the gourd Showing how the neck is mounted

Mounting the neck to gourd

Getting closer! Making the top tumba Top tumba before finished Pegs before they're inlaid Installing the inlay on the pegs

Finished peg before finish is applied

Pegs drying after the shellac Unfinished neck of our Calcutta Traditional model Sitar before frets and final finish... Preparing for the celluloid inlay Fitting the inlay...

Fitting the Inlay

Tailpiece string anchor before and after

Neck after shellac is applied, excess on inlay is scraped off by hand after. Carving the nut...

Performing the jawari and final touches on our Jaipur model