Your satisfaction is our concern and our goa
l. It does not make sense to us to sell instruments that do not deserve to be called instruments and it is our opinion that this attitude is important in particular for imported instruments from India. For this reason, even if we offer different price categories, we act on the basic assumption that even the instruments in the lowest price segment must be instruments that can be played on. A large number of instruments come especially from India, which have only a souvenir value and were produced for tourists, who are considered to use the instruments only as an exotic decoration anyway. We do not buy from wholesalers - we exclusively buy directly from approved small and medium sized manufacturers who are specialised in making certain instruments and who have, in some cases over several generations, built up a reputation with well-known Indian musicians. Owing to our direct contact, these instrument makers regularly receive a feedback about the supplied instruments and in this way they can adjust their standards to our expectations. At the same time we constantly observe the market trends, test the offers of unknown young workshops and change our partners if we are not satisfied even with old traditional enterprises any longer. As a result, every single one of our instruments offers - for Indian standards - an unusually high level in material, processing and sound quality, originates from a well-known source and corresponds to the latest up-to-date level of knowledge in the art of instrument making. No matter what price category: From Sathya Deep you will always receive a quality product of lasting value.

Below you find a list of manufacturers Sathya Deep is trading with:

HEMEN & CO. - Sarods, stringed instruments

From Ali Akbar Khan to Amjad Ali Khan HEMEN & CO. is first choice for high quality Sarods. Under the guidance of the aged but still very active founder of the company, Hemen Sen., this company also manufactures several other stringed instruments. Especially the big Tanpuras are of excellent quality. Due to the absolute trustworthiness of Hemen & Co. for many years, Hemen & Co. is the main supplier of the Ali Akhbar Colleges of Music in San Rafael / California and Basel / Switzerland.

HIREN ROY & SONS - Sitars, Surbahars, Tanpuras
HIREN ROY & SONS have been the unchallenged leading sitar maker in the whole of India for many decades. The persuasive sound quality, accurate craftsmanship and elegant design make this brand unequalled and first choice for sitar masters like Nikhil Banerjee or Vilayat Khan. As a specialised small family enterprise Hiren Roy & Sons in Calcutta make also excellent Tanpuras and Surbahars. Since the death of the founder Hiren Roy in the beginning of the 1990's the company has been managed by the son Barun Roy in the second generation.

KISHORE - Harmoniums
MONOJ KUMAR SARDAR - various instruments
MONOJ KUMAR SARDAR & BROTHERS is a very traditional large manufacturer in the heart of Calcutta. From the company's boss, Monoj Kumar Sardar, you can get every instrument that has been built in India - from sitars, tanpuras and harmoniums to folk-instruments, violins and e-guitars. Due to a several year long co-operation we get instruments from Monoj Kumar Sardar today, which do not have to be afraid of the comparison with more renowned brands because of their reliably high quality of craftsmanship and good sound characteristics.

MRIDANGAM i s a small tabla maker in Kolkatta. He is especially interesting because of the cheaper price in regard to Sargam and to Narayan Badya Bandhar.

NARAYAN BADYA BANDHAR is one of the best tabla makers in Kolkatta. The company is a family business in the third generation, the proprietor is Shyamal Das. In a small studio he, his father an some other family members do all the handicraft with high accuracy in every detail . The result are affectionately made tablas with impressive sound. He is regularly visited by famous customers like Anindo Chatterjee or Swapan Chaudhur ibecause of the quality of his products. Besides tablas Narayan Badya Bandhar also makes other percussion instruments, for example Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Khol, Dholak, Kanjira etc.

SARGAM - Tablas
'Sargam' was created in 1964 and ranks today among the most important tabla manufacturers. This was made possible by the tireless efforts and determination of the owner Mr. Kamal Kumar (Kundu Babu). The tablas from his production have been played by many tabla mastroes e.g. Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirkwa, Lt. Pt Gnan Prakash Ghosh, Lt. Pt. Santa Prasad, Pt. Kisan Maharaj, Lt. Ustad Afaque Hussain, Lt. Ustad Keramatulla Khan, Pt. Sankar Ghosh, Pt. Syamal bose, Lt. Ustad Latif Ahmed, Ustad Nizam-Ud-Din etc, etc... His tablas have been supplied to the Ali Akbar Khan Music College, among others, for many years. Saragam's excellent tablas are exported to Japan, Germany, France, England, Italy, America, Bangladesh, Australia, Belgium and Greece.

ORIENTAL MUSIKRAFT builds fine Sarods with former employees of Hemen & CO in the Hemen style. The instruments do not quite reach the high quality standard of the old master, they have a reasonable price however and can convince for medium requirements.

P. & BROTHERS - Sitars, Tanpuras
P. & BROTHERS is a very small, relatively unknown family business in the second generation. In such a small enterprise particularly each instrument is worked on and examined individually. Owing to our co-operation for many years we can offer a rather high quality at a relatively good price.

PAKRASHI & CO. - Harmoniums
PAKRASHI & CO. is one of the largest and most famous harmonium makers in India. Accuracy, careful processing and experience of many years result in completely convincing instruments. The manufacturing takes place in a central workshop complex in Calcutta directed by Shuphal Pakrashi, the firm founder's son.

PAUL & Co. - Harmoniums
PAUL is a harmonium manufacturer that is quite well-known especially among experts. Great care in all details, outstanding current mechanics and above all the particularly rich sound made Paul the absolute market leader as far as quality is concerned. However, Paul's harmoniums are often tuned somewhat lower than the current European standard tuning pitch A with 440 cycles per second, which can possibly lead to problems when playing together with western instruments .

RADEL SYSTEMS - electronic instruments
RADEL SYSTEMS from the Indian High Tech center Bangalore was the only supplier of electronic tablas, tanpuras und laharas as practice aid for Indian musicians for a long time. The company has reliable know-how and a far-reaching sales and service network. The product range is constantly extended and improved. The best-known devices are the Bordune "Dhruva", the Tanpuras "Saarang", the Tablamachines "Taalmala" and the Laharamachines "Sunadamala".

RADHA KRISHNA SHARMA - stringed Instruments
RADHA KRISHNA SHARMA is a well-known large family business with branches in Calcutta and Benares. Their speciality are carefully processed stringed instruments for medium to advanced requirements with particularly fine high polish lacquer finish.

RHYTHM - Mukta Das - Tablas
RHYTHM is a small tabla maker in Calcutta. He makes tablas at reasonable prices that are an alternative to Narayan Badya Bandhar (see above)

SHVIMAAL - electronic instruments
SHVIMAAL in Allahabad began the production of electronic tablas and tanpuras as practice aid for musicians in the late 90's. The characteristic of the devices is the applied digital sample technology, with which sounds can be produced.