SHIMRO VIOLINS Enrico Plus Student level violin
Ebony parts, with quality tailpiece and four fine tuners (adjusters)
All of our stringed instruments are set-up before sale to ensure 'trouble free' playing
includes: Bow and Shaped Case

World Famous Shimro Violins boast European Selected Timbers and Machine Carved Top and Back. Ideal for the Advancing Student. Professionally Set-Up. (Full Size)
Warm, rich tones.
Features: Solid Top and Back
includes Glasser bow upgrade Includes: Oblong Case, Student Bow, Set-Up with Dominant Strings. The superb and consistant quality of the SHIMRO instruments makes this violin outfit a winner every time. You'll love the warmth of the sound and so will your audience


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Door Delivery Time
7  Days
Air Mail
We use FedEx and UPS for Doorstep Deliveries around the World for Instruments.
Door delivery time 4 days Insured against any damages or loss
Delivery at your Door step

Delivery Time
45-50  Days
Sea Mail
For Larger Quantities weight above 50 Kilos Only Sea Shipments are most feasible, since the shipments are based on a container rate.
However the transit duration. By Sea mode can be quite long as upto 45 to 50 days depending on the destination. For some, it could even take 60 days
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